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ROOK Connect Process Management & Enterprise Resource Planning Software helps businesses streamline operations, enhancing their ability to operate efficiently and maximize revenues through the application of lean business practices and workflows. With the distinct advantage of being a modular-based software, ROOK Connect comes fully stacked with templates, workflows, process tracking and efficiency tools to drive your business forward. Capitalizing on years of experience with implementations and designing digital workflows and processes, our representatives can help configure and customize ROOK Connect to match your exact needs for us or you to manage.


Enhanced Business Efficiency
Proven Business Efficiency Tools
Improved Productivity & Cohesiveness
Streamlined Process Management
Responsive Agnostic Interface
Real-Time Tracking & Reporting
Detailed Cost Analysis
Business Analytics
Real-Time Support
Constant Growth & Improvements


  • Guided Process Mapping
  • Configurable Processes
  • Templated Infrastructure
  • Individual User Strategies & Views
  • No Pay Per User Licensing
  • No Hidden Support Fees
  • Accountability Tracking
  • Click Through Reporting
  • One Platform For Your Entire Process

Our Focus Is Process First

Too many companies want to go digital, but don’t know their own process and fail when they go to implement software/ERP’s. Our team works with you – mapping, charting and ensuring your business gets the best results based on what you’re after.

Accountability & Reporting Infrastructure

Every business wants accountability. Our process includes reviewing how we’re going to get your business the accountability you’re after. Reporting comes first. Our team works to ensure the reporting needs of your business are in place.

When We Say Team, This Includes End Users

Someone who doesn’t know your business can’t advise you on process. Working as a team and ensuring that all user needs are accounted for not only gets you the buy in needed for success; it gets you the results you’re after.

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ROOK Connect Application Program Interface (API) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) systems allow our software to seamlessly connect with others. With integrations, partners, API's, FTP's, tunnels and import/export features, there's a variety of ways that ROOK Connect can support your business interfacing with third parties.

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