ROOK Connect Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Software

Reimagine Partner Experiences, By Focusing On Strategic Relationships

The efficacy of direct selling has waned over time, prompting businesses to shift their focus towards prioritizing partnerships as a key go-to-market strategy. This approach not only proves to be more economical but also offers a sustainable avenue for revenue generation. Recognizing the changing landscape, businesses are finding that fostering strategic partnerships is a dynamic and efficient method of reaching their target audience, fostering collaborative growth, and establishing a more enduring presence in the market. In contrast to traditional direct selling methods, this strategic emphasis on partnerships allows businesses to tap into shared resources, networks, and expertise, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem that adapts to the evolving demands of the modern business environment.

Empower Partnerships & Unlock Strategic Partnerships With ROOK Connect's Cutting-Edge PRM Software

ROOK Connect stands as a leading force in Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software, offering a comprehensive and innovative solution to foster strong, mutually beneficial partnerships. Our PRM software is strategically designed to optimize collaboration, streamline communication, and enhance overall partner engagement. With ROOK Connect, businesses can seamlessly manage every aspect of their partner relationships, from onboarding and training to performance tracking and incentive management. The platform's intuitive interface empowers businesses to cultivate robust partner networks, drive revenue growth and ensure the success of collaborative initiatives. As a pioneer in PRM software, ROOK Connect is committed to providing organizations with the tools they need to build, nurture and thrive in their partnerships, setting the stage for enduring success in the ever-evolving business landscape.


Team tracking &


Configurable &
customizable sales
forms with digital
signature analytics.


Simple task
management with
status tracking &


Essential live

Simple, easy to use
dashboards for tracking &

Email, SMS texting,
automated phone calls,
etc. Build your own
communication funnel.

Empower your team with
the tools needed to
collect information &
execute in real-time.

Optimize your team’s
ability to communicate &
execute with simple task

Configure & build your
own digital forms,
accessible on any device,
with CRM tracking.

Give your company the
analytics, processes &
tools needed to enhance

Save, send, share & record
all documents in one easy
to use, remotely
accessible location.

One click event tracking
with customizable fields &

Track & record scheduling
with Gmail, Outlook & IOS

Simple, easy to use
dashboards for tracking &


Easy to use
desktop, tablet &
mobile sales


Internal & external
recording &

Activity Tracking

Digital activity
(meetings, phone
calls, etc.)


Internal & external
tracking &


Sales orders, bids,
estimating &
quoting done right


Live interactive
calendars with
sharing features.

Elevate Partner Success with ROOK Connect's PRM Excellence

Discover a new era of Partner Relationship Management (PRM) with ROOK Connect's cutting-edge software. Our platform is meticulously crafted to not only improve the partner experience but also catapult your program's success to unprecedented heights. Seamlessly managing the journey from marketing and lead generation to sales, ROOK Connect provides consistent oversight of your sales funnel, ensuring clarity from top to bottom. Dive deep into meaningful metrics with rich in-platform analytics and reporting, empowering you to make informed decisions. Our unified program management solution simplifies processes, working seamlessly as one integrated system. Plus, with ROOK Connect, you can scale your program without worrying about added costs for your portal. Experience the future of PRM where success knows no limits.

Partner Journey Tracking, Reporting & KPI Dashboards

ROOK Connect Software revolutionizes Partner Relationship Management (PRM) by introducing a suite of powerful tools designed to enhance every facet of the partner journey. The Partner Journey Tracking feature meticulously monitors and records every interaction, providing invaluable insights into the collaborative process. This, coupled with robust reporting capabilities, empowers businesses to assess the performance of each partnership dynamically. The KPI Dashboards serve as a visual compass, offering real-time Key Performance Indicators that guide strategic decision-making. ROOK Connect's PRM not only tracks the partner journey but elevates it, ensuring transparency, accountability and a data-driven approach to cultivating and sustaining successful partnerships. With ROOK Connect, businesses can navigate the complexities of PRM with precision, fostering a collaborative environment that drives mutual success.

Partner Dashboards, Remote Portals & Precision Tracking

Utilizing a comprehensive Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software is paramount in today's dynamic business landscape, where successful collaborations and strategic alliances are crucial for sustained growth. A robust PRM system not only tracks and reports on all partner activities but also plays a pivotal role in fostering meaningful engagement. By providing a centralized platform for communication, collaboration and performance tracking, PRM software encourages active participation and synergy among all parties involved. This heightened engagement is further complemented by the software's ability to offer transparency and accountability, ensuring that every partner has visibility into shared goals, responsibilities and achievements. With features that facilitate seamless communication, task management and real-time reporting, a comprehensive PRM system becomes an invaluable tool for businesses aiming to build and nurture strong, mutually beneficial partnerships, ultimately contributing to the overall success of collaborative ventures.

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