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Improvements for Contacts in ROOK Connect Software

  • Reports tile -> Contacts subtab
    • There is a new “Synced Contacts History” report
    • This report will display a table of all sync history
    • We did not previously store this history, so this will only applying after this Ticket gets pushed live
    • The table includes:
      • Before Sync – Displays the two contacts synced together before the change
      • Changes – Displays what changes were made to the sync
      • After Sync – Displays the two contacts synced together after the change
      • Updated By
      • Updated At
    • Search fields include:
      • Date Range
      • Contact Category
      • Membership
      • Location
      • Contact
  • Reports tile -> History tab -> Contacts History Report
    • Search fields include:
      • Date Range – Defaults to 1 month before the current day, up to the current day
      • Contact – Select the Contact to view the history for that contact. Select “All Staff” for any history regarding Staff, and “All Non-Staff” for any history regarding contacts that are not Staff
      • Updated By – Select the person that updated the Contacts, or “All Staff” for all updates made by staff, or “All Non-Staff” for all updates made by Non-Staff
  • Contacts tile
    • Summary tab
      • There is now a “Last 10 Updates by Non-Staff” summary, which will show the last 10 updates made by anyone that isn’t a staff
      • There will be a button to view all in a slider
    • Contact Management tab
      • There is a new button “Contacts History Alerts”, which will allow setting up scheduled alerts to see the latest updates
        • Clicking on the button will display a slider of a table of all current alerts
        • Click Add Alert to add new alert
          • Enabled – Check the box to enable the alert
          • Start Date – Defaults to current date. This is required for the recurring settings to have a start date to reference
          • End Date – Leave blank to have it ongoing
          • Updated By – This allows selecting whether to see the History for all contacts, just staff, or just non-staff
          • Alert Staff – Select which Staff will receive the alert
          • Repeats – Either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
            • This will prompt settings depending on what is chosen. This is similar to the rest of the software recurring settings
          • Subject – Subject of the email
          • Body – Body of the email
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