The Top 100 Canadian Professionals| Top 3 Ranked Business In The Top 100 Businesses 2021

Kenneth Bond, CEO and founder of Fresh Focus Media is proud to be recognized and featured as part of Canada’s top 100 companies by the Top 100 Magazine for his work in FFM’s sister company, ROOK Connect

As CEO of ROOK Connect, Kenneth Bond is one of the few enterprise software solution architects and the founder of an innovative, operationally driven technology company based in Alberta, Canada. As a serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology, he leads an extremely diverse team on a mission to reshape and re-engineer the way businesses utilize digital strategies to drive efficiencies, streamline business practices, increase reporting and deliver results to customer’s bottom lines. Kenneth credits his successes to the amazing customer relationships he has built with his global customers, and the result-driven success ROOK Connect guarantees.

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