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How Can an Office News Board Improve Your Business?

by: Dulce Herbst-Aylesworth

At ROOK Connect we constantly have the need to communicate with everyone in our team… and everyone knows that can be a complication, especially if your team is not always in the same place! For instance, how can you communicate with journeymen, workers and drivers that are in different parts of the city? And what happens when you have staff working in a different city or even country? It gets really complicated to reach out to everyone in an organized and easy way.

How do you ensure that important announcements which affect your business get seen by every staff member? Chances are, they’re either by email or via a piece of paper stuck to the wall. When the Internet started, the most reliable form of communication between every team member was the email – this is still an easy way to communicate, but not if you have more than 3 people tagged or CC’d on the email. Why? Because it becomes really complicated for the following reasons:

What would you think about the accessibility to also change your work tool so it can be based on your personality and taste? Sounds good, right?

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  • Going through all the answers from everyone – when there are more than a couple of people tagged on the email, you’ll have to go through each tagged response


  • You might lose the email in the immense sea of customer emails received every day – it’s a waste of time and irritating to search for that one email that you need.


  • Have you ever forgotten to click the “Reply All’ button when you’re formulating a response for your team? We know we have! And what happens with that email? It disrupts the communication amongst your team.


  • Do you really like tagging 20+ people every time you’re composing a new email for the team? No one does! It’s frustrating and tiring to be doing the same thing every time.



We have experienced all of the above! This is why we built a News Board in our software which is available for everyone.

When you create a new News Post, it will be visible to everyone in the team and they will be able to create a response which will be posted (with their names and profile pictures) to the same ROOK Connect News Board that was created to discuss this topic. The News Board will also show your team every post created (unless you decide to have an expiration date), giving you that extra organizational step that emails are lacking.

Still a bit uncertain why this will be useful for you and your team?

    1. Big Announcements:

If you work in a public space with a lot of people, being able to create notice boards for announcements quickly and without fuss is an important part of your ability to communicate. Creating a News Post in ROOK Connect software is fast, easy and everyone has a one click access to it.

  • Office News:


How do you send out company news? Probably by email. But you know what makes that news much more exciting? When you announce it on the big screen. Not only does this ensure your employees check in with the screen more often; but it also ensures that everyone receives the information at the same time.

  • Celebrations:


Digital News Posts can be used to celebrate every office occasion and make the person (or people) who are being celebrated feel extra special. This is a great boost for your internal communication strategy, morale and saves yet another email ending up in your inbox.

  • Customer Insight:


Having a News Board in an office can create a great life line between your employees and the people they serve. Using our News Board to provide customer insight in the form of testimonials or feedback is a great way to ensure your employees remember exactly who they’re helping. The added bonus is that nameless customers become more memorable, helping to forge a personalized connection.

At ROOK Connect, it was really important to have a tool that informed our team about any announcement they might be interested in, as well as any update, upgrade or need the company could have. For that reason, we developed the News Board tile which was individually adapted to our needs. We enjoyed great success using this and we are now sharing it with all of our customers to ensure their organization and empower their communication!

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