Service Software That Empowers Businesses

Strategic Workflows That Connect All Areas Of Your Business

Point Of Sale &
Direct sales system with
built-in Customer
Relationship Management
and retention marketing
Dispatching &
Complete visibility and
supply chain management
from customer orders all
the way through to delivery
Corporate Account
Estimating, quoting and
customer order tracking
that provides start to finish
Support & Maintenance
Repair, maintenance site
work orders, customer
portals, automated
follow-ups and complete
customer tracking systems
Inventory & Maintenance
Real-time tracking and
alert-based system with
built-in product coding,
manifests and bill of landing
Fully integrated accounting,
including receivables,
payables, general ledger,
financials and more

Complete Visibility

With built-in Customer Relationship Management, ROOK Connect ensures that your team has start to finish visibility on all customer aspects. With precision scheduling, automated purchase orders and direct delivery options, your business is two clicks away from any essential data required.

Reporting & Analytics

Tired of fumbling around trying to generate reports? Get essential decision-making reporting as it happens with ROOK Connect real-time reporting infrastructure. Our auto report generator and email application systems ensure you’re always in the know and alerted.

In The Store & On The Floor

Enhanced Customer Experience

Instant Access To Product Knowledge

Empower your team on the floor with real-time access to all details on every product. With floor touch screens, kiosks, desktop, tablet, mobile and scanning systems, your team just needs to access the inventory, and essentials including an accurate inventory will be instantly at their fingertips.

Customer Details & Essentials

With search and find customer history, ROOK Connect empowers staff with access to all essential details. We provide complete visibility on order expectations, inventory and warehousing, all the way through to customer delivery. With the right security, your staff can have instant access to all customers and customer order details needed to provide the best service.

Simple Touch
That Meet
Service Exceptions
Centres For
Customers &
That Builds
Scan & Go
Systems For
Customer &
Staff Access

Corporate Account Management

Bidding, Tenders, RFP’s, Estimating & Quoting

Delivery & Service Work Orders

Real-Time Customer Alerts, Dispatching, Route Planning & Customer Service

Remove the guesswork from your processes with ROOK Connect real-time tracking and monitoring. Engage customers with GPS driver alters and gather essential information from your customer onsite. Empower your team and improve customer experiences, driving long-term relationships.

Exceptional Delivery Practices

Start to finish delivery software that ensures your team and the customer are always on the same page

Home-Based Services

Onsite work orders that eliminate redundancies, reduce errors, take payment and collect essential site information

A phone displaying the dispatch dashboard

Business Efficiency Tools That Make Sense

The ROOK Team Works With Businesses
Developing Strategic Big Data Analytic Systems
That Drive Efficiencies & Deliver Predictive Analysis!

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ROOK Connect Application Program Interface (API) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) systems allow our software to seamlessly connect with others. With integrations, partners, API's, FTP's, tunnels and import/export features, there's a variety of ways that ROOK Connect can support your business interfacing with third parties.

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