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There’s no singular way to manage a project that will make every one of our customers happy. As such, we’ve had to learn to adapt to our customers and work with them so they understand our processes and increase our communication to provide the best experience working with us. Our goal is complete transparency. We want you to have instant access to us as a team and visibility on all action items we’re working on for you or waiting on from you. As such, we’ve developed a project management system that outlines all action items that we’re working on in detail. With one click, you will have access to exactly what we’re doing, when we’re doing it and when you can expect it to be complete. All work completed will be logged, organized and tracked against your project. Our diligence in this matter ensures tracking and reporting so there’s no question as to what was completed. Our tracking includes all time spent on completing work for our customers, meetings, email communication, taking or receiving telephone calls, project management tasks, etc. Whether you’re submitting requests for us to complete work for you or we’re completing work discussed in meetings, our project management software ensures that no detail goes missing. In your project, you will be able to view 4 essential action items used to help deliver the project tickets, tasks, forms and checklists.


Tickets are how we track exactly what we’re doing for every customer we work with. In each ticket, you’ll find an outline of what you asked for from us, what we’re going to do and the best way for you to check and ensure that what we’ve done matches your needs. As we bill our services based on time, in each ticket we track what services were performed and how much time it took us to complete the ticket.


Tasks are action items that take us 15 minutes or less to complete. This could be a phone call that we want to log or it could be a simple configuration adjustment we’re making on your behalf. Details are logged in tasks using the same tracking mechanisms that we utilize in tickets.


Working with our team, you’ll often hear “we’ve got a process for that”. With a wide variety of information gathering forms, intake forms and form-based tools, our team will often use action item tools such as forms to ensure we have an exact understanding of what you’re after. All forms completed by you or by our team will be logged in your project. This is an essential tool we use to better support your business needs.


Checklists are action items we use in place of tickets, especially when we have a large sequence of elements that need to be done. Checklist action items report on the entire checklist. You can view each individual element of the checklist; however the entire checklist moves as one – one status and one service heading.


ROOK Connect’s Sprint project management system is used when one application requires multiple action items to be completed before you as the customer can properly QA and check that the system is working exactly as needed. This can often be the case with inter-related applications, process-oriented systems and multi-faceted systems that require back end and front end updates. All Sprint project management systems start with a Sprint Review meeting note ticket. The goal of this ticket is to outline exactly what will be done during the Sprint and all the individual action items that will be created in order to execute the Sprint for you. This can be done in the shape of a Scope Document, a Customer Journey Strategy outline or taken directly from an Information Gathering Session. In all cases, the Sprint Review is used at the start as an objective outline, and at the end of the Sprint as the review and QA document to ensure that all objectives are completed.

As our mandate at ROOK Connect is to ensure transparency and visibility on all action items, even while Sprint projects are being executed you will receive communication. This communication will let you know that a specific action item has been completed, but that it’s part of a larger Sprint and not ready for you to review. This allows you to see and track progress as action items are completed. Please do not respond to these individual notifications. If they’re part of the Sprint, they will be reviewed at the end after all Sprint-related activities are completed.

In the Customer Support tile, in the project that has the Sprint taking place, you will have one milestone labeled with the Sprint name. From that milestone, you’ll have complete visibility on all action items in that Sprint. From here, you can watch the progress as it happens and see the execution dates of each individual item.

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