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With a customer-first approach, ROOK Connect is delivering innovative and technology-driven solutions for enhanced connectivity and communication

October Monthly Special 2023

Too many companies fail when going digital because the system they’re trying to implement can’t adapt to their specific business requirements. With the tried-and-true agile process management and business infrastructure software from ROOK Connect (, you can give your company structure, improving productivity and communication. To assist enterprises in generating more money, streamlining processes, and operating effectively on a worldwide scale, ROOK Connect offers enterprise resource planning software and process management services. The ROOK Connect program gives you the tools, methods, and templates you need to use digital apps to advance your organization.

Kenneth Bond, CEO of ROOK Connect, spoke exclusively to CIO Bulletin about how his company is helping companies in achieving unprecedented financial savings through the use of critical digital tools.

Q. How would you describe ROOK Connect as a company?

ROOK Connect is a dynamic and innovative company that stands at the forefront of technological solutions and services. With a reputation for excellence, ROOK Connect specializes in providing cutting-edge connectivity and communication solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients. The company’s commitment to staying ahead of industry trends is evident through its continuous exploration and integration of the latest advancements in technology.

Q. How did the company get started?

Fresh Focus Media ( is a marketing agency that got heavy into the development of web, software, and mobile applications. As a custom software development company, we have built many applications to support businesses in their efforts to implement software and digital efficiency tools. After years of building custom applications, the next logical step was to build our own platform – software that wouldn’t just replicate other platforms; it would change the way businesses operate using software. This is how and why ROOK Connect was built and put on the market.

Q. What does the next five years at ROOK Connect look like? What are your future plans?

As a company, we aim to grow and expand our services throughout the USA and to enter the UK market by 2024. Most importantly, our customers’ growth is our growth. Executing excellence is our growth process.

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