How can ROOK Connect’s Logistics Platform Help Your Business?

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by: Dulce Herbst-Aylesworth

Logistics refers to what happens within a company – this includes the purchase and delivery of raw materials, packaging, shipment and transportation of goods to distributors. It’s the process of coordinating and moving resources –  people, materials, inventory and equipment – from one location to the desired end destination.

What is the ROOK Connect Logistics Platform?

ROOK Connect software automates warehousing, transportation management, shipping and the overall logistical functions your business needs by monitoring the flow of products from suppliers to end users, all in an easy to use, cloud-based platform.

With ROOK Connect, efficiency meets simplicity. Our software was developed for all kinds of supply chain management processes, drivers, warehousing managers and importers to ensure shipments across the world are cleared easier, faster and accurately

With an unlimited set of features, ROOK Connect works for every department in your organization. Our users have drastically increased the speed at which their products are managed using our instant, secure process.

Additionally, ROOK Connect helps businesses control costs and manage relationships with vendors, contractors and customers. Our real-time visibility and tracking systems ensure users know where their products are, and send notifications and alerts when delivery scheduling changes.

Benefits of using ROOK Connect Software:

  1. You’re in control of your data at all times for optimal security.
  2. Get every report you need in real-time.
  3. Because ROOK Connect is a cloud-based software, you can connect users both locally and remotely.
  4. Our easy to use interface will save you time and money.

Forget about your old, painful process and move to an online platform. You’ll save time and money! Contact us to schedule your free demo.

Build routes for multiple drivers in less than 5 minutes

Do you have numerous deliveries to make with multiple stops and drivers? We’ll handle the logistics – no need to spend hours each morning manually figuring out the best way to allocate your deliveries between drivers.

  1. Spreadsheet import
  2. Swap drivers between routes
  3. Time windows / priorities
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