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ROOK Connect software supports businesses as they endeavour to reduce error, streamline operations, and bring about strategic accountability. With an easy to use, simple, interactive interface, ROOK Connect ensures businesses and their teams are equipped with the right tools to do their jobs. Bring real-time knowledge, transparency and costing to your business with automated status reports, cost analysis and safety tools that ensure you’ve got your hand on the pulse of your business. Get your business working the way you need it, not with 10 softwares doing individual things or countless spreadsheets that don’t talk to one another, with one software platform that ties it all together.

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Complex Project, Jobs & Customer Management Done Right

What if you could track your entire business, from bid or estimate all the way through to project and job execution and invoicing, all in one secure platform. ROOK Connect doesn’t just talk about the power of visibility, we maximize transparency with easy to comprehend resource, asset, reporting and charting capabilities. With the ability to seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of common practices tools, the ROOK Connect platform helps businesses take the next level with software, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI) tools.

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Manage Your Business Your Way

ROOK Connect works with a large variety of customers, and with a focus on Constructions & Site Management, we bring the right tools to the table so businesses can take them and make them their own. With a large variety of configurations and settings, ROOK Connect doesn’t force businesses to work the way that is best for the software, ROOK works with businesses, ensuring their digital processes and their connection to features available match their needs. Stop letting software tell you how to operate, and work with a team that’s driven to get you the most of what digital processes have to offer.

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Customer Management That Makes Sense

Within the ROOK Connect platform, there shouldn’t be information, a report, an overview or a detail that you can’t access within three clicks. With the ability to activate essential tools as needed, our team works for businesses ensuring that processes and business practices are not only accessible but being followed. Bring accountability, efficiencies and convenience to your business with ROOK Connect’s automation and communication systems.

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Manage Your Site Your Way

Streamline site activity and coordinate your entire business, with ROOK Connect’s team and project management tools. From issue tracking to safety compliance, all the way through to labour, time and material tracking, ROOK Connect makes enhancing your ability to deliver and report easy. ROOK Connect provides a lot more than just time and material tracking; we’re a complete project management software, with detail-oriented tools that ensure all the details are accounted for and reported on. If you’re looking to remove guesswork and gain real visibility on all details of your business, ROOK Connect is the right software for you.

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The ROOK Team Works With Businesses
Developing Strategic Big Data Analytic Systems
That Drive Efficiencies & Deliver Predictive Analysis!

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ROOK Connect Application Program Interface (API) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) systems allow our software to seamlessly connect with others. With integrations, partners, API's, FTP's, tunnels and import/export features, there's a variety of ways that ROOK Connect can support your business interfacing with third parties.

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