ROOK Connect understands the need for organizations to operate as efficiently as possible. With lean business management tools, ROOK Connect was designed to help streamline programs, events, membership systems, donor management, support care and tracking, automating as many record keeping essentials as possible. With built-in processes and tools that can be used to streamline all activities including staff, volunteers, medication, scheduling, timesheets, remotely accessible registration portals, etc., ROOK Connect can provide your business with the tools needed to enhance returns, save money and get your team collaborating in real-time. Our detail-oriented and non-intrusive approach to managing client files and memberships ensures that your business is always on point. ROOK Connect is the right tool to help your business go digital and get the most out of the digital tools available.


ROOK Connect’s Break The Barrier Software Applications, Manage Your Entire Organization With Confidence & Real Time Team Driven Connectivity

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Professional Care With A Personal Touch

Elderly Care Working

Support For All Occasions

Elderly Care Working

We Support Companies That Make A Difference

We don’t just specialize in working with companies that are looking to automate and optimize; we make it our business to help companies save money while doing it. We take working with companies that provide care and support very seriously.

With experience in a variety of care-providing facilities, services and individuals, ROOK Connect empowers businesses with the tools needed to increase the care being provided and save money every step of the way. Bring transparency to your business, increase the quality of care being provided and ensure you know where every dollar in your business is going. ROOK Connect makes caring and money a priority.

Resource Management That Makes Sense

Seamless Crisis Prevention & Intervention Technology


Innovation That’s Easy

Using a variety of applications, ROOK Connect has the power to remotely automate tracking and reporting. Example: Medication bottle with RFID chip. Every time the bottle is picked up and replaced, it’s recording the weight variance, tracking how many are taken and what medication has been taken.

Example: Interactive screens that illuminate and alert individuals, with voice and touch interactivity that allow for immediate responses that report in real-time. Example: Secure room features, no cameras unless triggered, yet exact tracking on all essentials and automated security alerts. Non-intrusive care that’s always there.

Non-Intrusive, Respectful Support Software

With built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Membership Tracking, Communication and Program Management Tools, ROOK Connect makes managing, executing and accounting for programs simpler than ever. Empower your business with real-time access to client files and financials with automated billing and one click access to reporting.

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Goal Tracking Incident Reporting Case File Management Medication Tracking Task Management Communication

Real-Time Client Files, Memberships & Program Management

ROOK Connect doesn’t just help you raise, track and manage money as well as volunteers; we support your business in rewarding your supporters. With innovation that allows you to empower and encourage your supporters, the ROOK Connect platform helps your business create a positive impact with every supporter you have.

Save Money With Business Efficiency Tools

Staff & Volunteer Management

Coordinating, organizing and streamlining your processes, ROOK Connect not only supports your business; we help you save money! Going digital reduces errors, ensures you’ve got accurate reporting and automates business practices. Simple to use and business-changing innovation that just makes sense.

ROOK Connect Available Features

Customer Relationship Management

Contact Management

ICE Forms

Staff & Volunteer Management

Planners & Scheduling


Human Resources

Medication Tracker

Certificate Tracker

Member & Participant Management

Donor Management

Program Management

Event Management

Project Management

Activity Sheets

Task Management

Digital Form Builder

Intake Forms

Incident Reports & Notable Happenings

Membership Management

Customer Portals

Online Activity Registrations



Resource Library


Billing (PDD, FSCD & Private)

Reporting & Analytics

The ROOK Team Works With Businesses
Developing Strategic Big Data Analytic Systems
That Drive Efficiencies & Deliver Predictive Analysis!

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ROOK Connect Application Program Interface (API) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) systems allow our software to seamlessly connect with others. With integrations, partners, API's, FTP's, tunnels and import/export features, there's a variety of ways that ROOK Connect can support your business interfacing with third parties.

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