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What is a Quick Action Icon?

by: Dulce Herbst-Aylesworth

At ROOK Connect, our main goal is providing our users with the best software experience they can have – this is why we have made all of our main functions accessible via a single click with our diverse selection of quick action icons. This user-defined operation allows you to perform a series of actions quickly and easily.

Our quick action icons are designed to be simple, understandable and modern – we design them to match their exact functionality. Each action is represented in an icon by expressing its characteristics so it can be intuitively understood by the user.

All icons in the software are also designed to be easy to use. Every time you click a quick action icon with either your mouse or finger, a slider screen will come from the right side of the screen for you to populate additional information.

There’s a quick action to do just about anything on ROOK Connect software.

Main Navigation Bar Icons

Company Logo Icon
Company Logo Icon: This icon takes you back to the home screen/tile view screen.
News board: If you have the News Board enabled, you can easily access it by clicking this icon.
Calendar: Quickly access your team’s scheduled action items in the calendar.
Planner: Every action item, ticket, job, meeting – everything you need to see is just a click away!
Hide Header & Footer
Hide Header & Footer: Click this icon to hide the main navigation bar and the footer.
Profile icon
Profile icon: By clicking this icon, you’ll be shown a new navigation bar on the right side of the screen. This bar includes the most used tiles on the software. We created this functionality bar for easy navigation.

The following icons are the ones that are in our new navigation bar on the right side of the screen.

New Navigation Bar

My Profile icon
My Profile icon: By clicking this icon, you’ll access your own profile.
Turn Desktop Notifications On/Off
Turn Desktop Notifications On/Off: The software is configured so every time you receive a notification (new action item, scheduled meeting, etc.) you’ll see a floating notification box regardless of the tile you are working on. This quick action icon lets you turn this on and off.
Notifications: Clicking this icon will display all your notifications in a slider view.
Tasks: This icon will take you to your task boards.
Email: This icon will take you to a “send email” slider view where you can choose if the email you’re sending is internal or external.
Checklist: This icon will open your daily checklists.
Timesheets: By clicking this icon, you’ll be taken to the timesheets slider view where you’ll be able to add to or submit timesheets to payroll.
Journal: Have you ever wished you had a fast and easy way to take notes in a meeting or for an action item? By clicking the journal icon, you’ll be taken to a textbox where you can take notes.
Add Reminder
Add Reminder: By clicking this icon, you can schedule a reminder for yourself or for your team. This will be sent automatically as an email notification.
Logout: Click this icon to log out of the software.

Pandora’s Box Icons

We all know what Pandora’s Box is – a gift from the Gods; a large storage container – and although it symbolizes a source of trouble, we have changed it to be a container of all the good our software can do for you! Our Pandora’s Box contains all the quick action icons available for the tile that you’re using. Just click on it to open it and it will display the following icons:

Recurring Tickets
Recurring Tickets: Do you need to book a ticket for doing the same thing every day? Creating a recurring ticket using this icon. Select the options for recurrences and click Create New Recurrences – now you have a ticket that will show up for the selected preferences.
Incognito Fields
Incognito Fields: This allows you to hide information in the ticket you don’t want your customer to see. Click the incognito icon and select the fields you wish to hide.
Access Admin Mode
Access Admin Mode: Displays the financial summary and breakdown of the item you are looking at.
Highlight: Click this icon to highlight the ticket or checklist in a selected color.
Flag This
Flag This!: Add a colored label to a ticket or checklist.
Tag Staff
Tag Staff: Use this icon to select staff to receive all notifications from this ticket or checklist.
Tag Yourself
Tag Yourself: Use this icon to tag yourself to receive all notifications from this ticket or checklist.
Send Email
Send Email: Click this icon to send an internal or external email communication directly from a ticket. This communication will be logged in the ticket.
Schedule Remainder
Schedule Remainder: Use this icon to schedule an email reminder about a ticket or a checklist – this will arrive in your email inbox at the time you schedule it for.
Attach File
Attach File: Use this icon to attach documents and files to the ticket or checklist.
Add Note
Add Note: This icon allows you to add a note which will appear under internal communication for the selected ticket – this is for taking internal notes.
History: See all the activity that has transpired during the lifecycle of the ticket or checklist.
Add Time
Add Time: Add time manually to the ticket you have worked on.
Track Time
Track Time: Start a timer to track the time you work on a ticket or checklist.
Copy: This icon allows you to create a new ticket with the same details. You must change an element of the information in the ticket to ensure the ticket is saved in the software.
Reschedule: Use this icon to reschedule the ticket.
Sync: Click this icon to sync or unsync the ticket to the customer scrum board and projects. Syncing the ticket means that the customer can see the ticket and details in their scrum board.
Add Reminder
Add Reminder: By clicking this icon, you can schedule a reminder for yourself or for your team. This will be sent automatically as an email notification.
Archive: We never delete tickets – clicking the archive icon marks the ticket as archived, where it can still be accessed in the archive tile.
Favourite: Click this icon to favourite a field or ticket.

Quick Action Icons Are Simply Powerful

There are many reasons why at ROOK Connect we decided to add quick action icons to every tile – it’s not just because it looks better; but because it gives you and your staff the ability to work better, increases productivity and makes it easier to track tasks and activities in the software.

  1. Makes your staff more efficient by providing each member with a plan and easy access to that plan, allowing them to make a list to ensure they complete prioritized jobs on time and stay on task all day.
  2. Delegate your team’s responsibilities and improve the morale and job satisfaction of your staff by providing easy access to all their daily needs.
  3. Reduce distractions caused by having to follow a path every time staff need to get something done. Quick action icons make your staff follow the best route to get the job done!
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