Manage Your Staff The Right Way!

November 10, 2020 10:30 am | Category: , ,

Workforce Management is the Spine of Your Business!

by: Dulce Herbst-Aylesworth

We are living during the peak of the digital world growth – digital resources have infiltrated into every aspect of business and everyone is incredibly interested in transforming their business. This is the reason ROOK Connect has implemented all possible tools and reviewed outcomes and needs for every type of business.

Although technology is what the corporate world is being empowered by, that doesn’t mean you can forget about your workforce – those very important people behind the scenes. You want to make sure you get more profitable every day, find leads more effectively, create brand loyalty and awareness, close more deals and do better work for your customers. All this is achievable by understanding the human element and being synched to your staff action items, being able to see their deliverables and timelines, providing training and orientation, and setting expectations. ROOK Connect offers the tools to allow you to manage these priorities.

ROOK Connect is a provider of complete business management. We develop solutions that empower employees and managers to optimize labour productivity and enable strategic business development. Our software adapts to your business requirements, no matter how unique your needs are. Whether your employees are out on the field, delivering items or staying at the office, we make managing them easy, more rewarding and cost effective!

Good Employees = Good Service

Efficient workforce management starts with hiring the best people for open positions. With ROOK Connect Software, you’ll be able to receive employee forms and job applications in one spot. They will be divided by contact and contact category so you have the best organization possible, allowing you to hire efficient, knowledgeable employees that will help your business keep a reputation for quality products and services.

Trained Employees Perform Better

Every time you hire a new employee you have to go through EVERYTHING with them. It can be different every time per job position. This doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore! With the ROOK Connect Orientation tile, you’ll be able to set orientation features. This means your business can build its own orientation forms and assign them as needed. Whether you’re starting a new staff or you have existing staff working with a new contact or site, ROOK Connect software ensures the right information is signed off on correctly from the start.

Smart Scheduling Streamlines Services

You’ll always be ahead of schedule with ROOK Connect’s scheduling system. You will be able to see everyone’s scheduling in real-time so you can create an harmonious workflow,  resulting in more efficiently operated staff. Effective labor management ensures success for your business!

Staffing Leads & Positions

Unsupervised and untrained staff can send your business into decline. Employees that are unfamiliar with the products and services you offer can sell customers products you don’t manage or services the customer doesn’t need. Having full transparency on what your staff is doing, who they’re meeting and what they’re offering will help eliminate many issues and improve the overall quality of your business operations.

Creating a Performance Management System

One thing is perfectly clear: we want employees to be empowered to perform at their best! The good news is this is easily achievable with real-time information and communication. This will not only make staff feel valued; but it can also provide new, useful ideas to improve the company.

Staff management is not something you can do just one or twice a year –  it’s a whole process of working with your staff every step of the way throughout the course of their employment. With ROOK Connect software, you’ll be able to manage every individual in different ways:

  • Giving clearly defined job descriptions and training.
  • Recruiting the most qualified staff members.
  • Performing organized and smart interviews.
  • Identifying the best candidates for the job.
  • Onboarding and orientation of a new employee.
  • Discussing employee performance and conducting reviews.
  • Discussing career development opportunities.
  • Review who has signed off Policies and Procedures.
  • Managing time wisely.

With ROOK Connect software. you’ll ensure that every employee under your management is clear on what is expected of them and their role in the workplace. Whatever actions or behaviours you want to see in the employee can be reviewed through the software and generate a better action plan. Staff management can help go over what’s important to you, as well as the organization, and how the employee can help achieve the team’s goals.


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