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CRRA Alberta Rental Review, Q1 – 2022 Edition

In this day and age, most people would be surprised to learn the number of businesses that are still using numerous spreadsheets to manage their business instead of utilizing Digital Business Management Software. 90% of all businesses rely on spreadsheets for their financial reporting, and between 70% and 80% of businesses still heavily rely on spreadsheets for tasks including customer relationship management, reporting on business data, and financial reporting. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to why businesses use spreadsheets, there is a lot of functionality with spreadsheets, you are able to gather, correlate, store and sort information, all while creating graphs and charts to aid in producing visual aids, not to mention the accounting and budgetary functionality that goes along with spreadsheets. One of the primary reasons a lot of businesses lean towards spreadsheets, is because they are a very cost-effective way to manage your data, most people know how to use them, they are customizable and they are quick and easy to add to a workflow.

What most people don’t realize is software simply takes all the spreadsheets businesses use and makes them more accessible, and presents them to you in a more visually stimulating package. Through real-time information, breaking down team silos, turning conversations into action, organizing everything in one easy-to-understand place, and building a culture of open teamwork, digital software helps businesses become more fluent. Business Management Software has a leg up over spreadsheets because its goal is to make your processes as seamless as possible. This is far more secure than standard spreadsheets, and by tracking each person, you will always know who made changes or edits to the software. It helps by trying to limit errors that may occur, simplifies reporting, and makes data easier to read and understand. You are able to access, add, edit and review all information through mobile access, which makes it easier for your business to scale as it grows.

Databases are a form of software and are designed to store, organize and retrieve data. When it comes to software there are several different types of databases, most commonly used is the CRM or Customer Relationship Management software platform. These databases are used primarily for the sales side of your business, which is generally used to store customer or client information in a centralized location. If your business is scaling or rapidly acquiring new customers, upgrading to a CRM from a spreadsheet can not only help to sell to more customers; but ensures everyone on your team knows where you are at with each lead, what information has been provided, what has been discussed and allows your team to assist with leads if you are unable to follow up or touch base with a lead when needed. This information isn’t always as easily accessible when the data is stored on a spreadsheet.

If you are currently using spreadsheets to manage your day-to-day operations, ROOK Connect Software, CRM, PRM, ERP & BI will work with you to make sure all of your data is added to the software where it needs to be, and that the information will be accessible in an easy-to-use and methodical format. Our goal is to streamline your current processes and ensure that you are saving time and money by using our platform.

The need for digital solutions has increased exponentially, which has positioned ROOK Connect to aid businesses that are looking to move away from spreadsheets and into Digital Business Management Software.

ROOK Connect prides itself on its ability to work with customers to ensure their software matches their processes. We realized there was a gap in the market where most software companies make their software work one specific way and force your business to change to match how they think you should work. At ROOK Connect, our goal is to make sure your software works the way you need it to. We want to make sure you are able to get the information you need when you need it and from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a mobile connection. By ditching the spreadsheets along with the numerous problems that go along with them, you can effectively and efficiently grow your team and your company.

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