The ROOK Connect Development Process

How the ROOK Connect team execute matters. With a long list of features and wide variety of software applications, there’s no one way that the ROOK Connect platform can be configured. Whether your business has a development team that we’ll be collaborating with or you’ve got a dedicated resource with ROOK Connect, our goal is always the same, fast, detailed oriented results for our customers. With our partner Amazon Web Services (AWS), ROOK Connect is covering all the basis to delivering top quality results. The following is a detailed outline of our development processes. Using staging and demo environments, the ROOK Connect team provides all customers with a fully functional sandbox and complete demo environment ensuring we do all we can to get you the best results.

ROOK Connect Environment ROOK Connect Environment: Internet

The ROOK Team Works With Businesses
Developing Strategic Big Data Analytic Systems
That Drive Efficiencies & Deliver Predictive Analysis!

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ROOK Connect Application Program Interface (API) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) systems allow our software to seamlessly connect with others. With integrations, partners, API's, FTP's, tunnels and import/export features, there's a variety of ways that ROOK Connect can support your business interfacing with third parties.

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